Client Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from former clients and colleagues regarding the services they’ve received from WT over the years.

“Thank you for meeting with me and my daughter Stephanie in August concerning our due process quagmire with District ____ and their legal counsel… Yesterday the designated agency received the settlement check from District ____ and my application for due process is closed. I credit your phone call to the district’s legal counsel as the event that turned the tide. I really appreciate your astute judgment and honesty. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“We were overcome with joy and appreciation when we heard from the Assistant Superintendent of our school district that the decision not to allow Gabriel to transfer to the ____  School had been entirely reversed. We firmly believe that this result could not have been achieved had it not been for your expert counsel, knowledge and guidance… Indeed, as lawyers ourselves, perhaps we have an even greater awareness of the advantages of having counsel with your exceptional expertise and skill as an advocate, not only for our son, but for all the children with learning differences… May you continue to succeed in helping children with learning differences so that they will have the opportunity to accomplish their goals and enhance whatever abilities they may possess. Again, we extend to you our deepest thanks and warmest personal regards.”

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for your support and counsel during the past few months. Your positive attitude and determination to put an end to this mess created by the ____ family really helped keep me stress free. Thank you again and I appreciated your support more than you know.”

“I cannot begin to explain how much your help and guidance has helped me. Being able to receive help will not only contribute to my day to day life but will help me be a successful person in the future. I know that getting the extra help will be a major part of the four high school years that lay ahead of me. Growing up I had trouble in learning and didn’t know that I needed guidance to understand. Now that I know what I need to understand information I feel that there is no reason why I shouldn’t succeed. Your help will effect me not only for my high school years but for the rest of my life. Thank you.”

“THANK YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! I can’t say it enough… a million thanks from us on Miles’ behalf. You’ve just ended a many year battle and introduced the hope of a bit of peace (and school assistance!) in our lives. This is a great day and we thank you for making it so.”

“I want to share with you what a wonderful job I thought Jenny did with regard to the ____ expulsion matter. Michael and his mother made very thoughtful and respectful statements to the Board on Monday night, an extraordinarily stressful experience. When Jenny got up to speak, I caught my breath; I wondered how the Board would receive her — ‘the student’s attorney,’ whom the less they hear from, generally the better. My worry quickly dissipated — Jenny very eloquently and articulately provided the Board members with a sense of who Michael was — not just the student up for expulsion — but a decent, caring, intelligent young man. Jenny captured him perfectly… Having now come to know Michael at least somewhat during this period, I know that I can always trust Jenny — Michael really is a good kid. I’ve shared this with her, but I wanted you to know that Jenny served her client well.” (written by an attorney representing a school district)

“Just wanted to send a final thanks for your thoughtfulness (and effectiveness!) in attending our IEP meeting on Miles’ behalf on Monday. Thank goodness you were there or they would have tried to not give us the accommodations from his 504 plan and would surely have nixed the tape recorder. You are our hero!… We have been nothing but over-the-top happy with your service, professionalism, expertise and humanity.”

“I received your package and wanted to tell you again how thankful I am for your help on this and for treating Alyssa and our family as compassionately as you have… Being a parent is the most important thing I do and as you know from dealing with me on other matters, the perfectionist (wanting to do the best job) in me is also a part of my parenting. So when this happened to Alyssa I felt like such a failure… I’ve learned that the parents’ reactions and how they handle this can be more detrimental to the emotional health of the child than the event itself… Thank you for also helping me to do what is best for Alyssa.”

“Just a note to let you know what has happened – with your help and connecting us to Dr. ____, it looks like Hannah will be getting the 504 – thank you so very, very much! She is already markedly happier with her sense of relief – so we can’t thank you enough!”

“I wanted to thank you for the outstanding and invaluable work on the submission relative to the federal appeal. Your work on the case and the documents has been so excellent that I and others … have been able to fulfill our duties this year without hindrance. It is only because of your quality work and thoroughness with the entire matter that I and the others have been virtually freed from this difficult and challenging work… I am completely confident that you have put forth our best case and I wish you all continued success with the outcomes and the fruits of your labor.”

“Well, through a frustrating and difficult situation some good things have happened – namely the chance to meet you. Thank you so very much for being so generous with me – of your time, wisdom and thoughtfulness. I am lucky to have met you, despite the circumstances. I hope our paths will cross again soon. I am most thankful to you.”

“Words can hardly begin to express the warmth and gratitude I feel toward you, your staff and your lovely wife for all that you’ve done for Keenan and me. It has been a long and arduous road for all of us. From the outset each and every individual in your office has consistently treated me with dignity, compassion and at times even a little levity. They are wonderful, dedicated people. You should be proud of your team as I’m sure you are… Often, and of great value, was that you succinctly told me the truth without embellishment when the news was bad. You then gave me choices via offering options with rationale which assisted in us moving toward the solution as a team. I do not know the law; but that you included me in the decision making process is so empowering to a parent who feels helpless and hopeless and in such an altogether powerless situation… To all of you, thank you. I am eternally grateful for the professional and warm way in which you have treated me.”

“Many thanks for all your help. Liam is settling in nicely… all is well. We are very happy that Liam is at ____ Academy. It’s made a difference in all our lives!”

“[My husband] and I want to thank you and your wonderful partners and staff for the devotion to our case, and for the results that you attained for Sydney… At our last staff meeting this past summer, her teachers were so impressed with her progress in such a short time… We cannot thank you enough for your concerns about the risk analysis in respect to our financial situation, and are ever grateful for your candor… We’ll keep you posted as things go along.”

“I want to again thank you for responding to my e-mail, meeting me at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. Your immediate contact, references and advice, in a horrific situation, were so incredibly kind. I am simply blown away (at a loss for words). I have since referred you to two parents, who have had issues with school. I don’t know where this will go, but I wanted to take the time to thank you.”

“I want to thank all of you for all of your efforts with today’s meeting… After the heartfelt renderings on Natalie’s behalf and the attorney for the district went on to say how well Natalie is doing at ____ and how they would wait a while for public school placement. Am I supposed to wait until my daughter shows up in a body bag to get them to understand the seriousness of this situation? I am so glad to have such a wonderful team supporting us, I know that this situation would be much more dire than it is without all of you. Brooke, you are a gentleman and a scholar and I want you to know how grateful I am to you.”

“Dear Lara, On behalf of the Illinois Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders and all those who attended your outstanding presentation on February 24, 2007, I thank you… You did a great service by sharing your expertise… Thank you for sharing your commitment to the field and most of all thank you for taking time to be with us this year. We greatly appreciate your dedication and commitment.” (E. Paula Crowley, ILCCBD President)

“Thank you so much for all that you, Neal, Tracy and all of your staff have done to help Amanda… I wanted to send a letter explaining what a difference that your help has made in Amanda’s life. I now realize that a single letter could never contain everything that needs to be said… Thank you so much for helping me to find the right solution for Amanda at this point in her education, and for teaching me about other options that we may need to investigate the future.”

“With extensive experience in both psychology and law, Brooke has spent his entire professional career committed to educating the people and the organizations who work with children with disabilities. He has been a strong advocate for these children, ensuring that their voices are heard and their rights are protected… I personally know Brooke Whitted and have relied on his expertise and experience on numerous occasions. His continued dedication and contributions to children and youth with disabilities are invaluable.” (Kathleen A. Ryg, Illinois State Representative, 59th District)

“Dear Laura, Thank you for coming to Hope Children’s Hospital on Wednesday. My department was excited about your presentation and felt the information was very valuable… I truly enjoyed meeting you and hope to talk to you again in the future. Your expertise is impressive… Thanks again!” (Kathleen Brummet, Education Specialist, Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital)

“I’m going to take this opportunity to tell you and Lara that the fellows truly enjoyed and learned a great deal in your class. I could hear them use what they had learned as they care for their patients during the year. Thank you very much.” (Kathy Kelley, University of Illinois at Chicago, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Training Program)

“I am so grateful for what you’ve done and I’m so grateful for what your firm does. I would… recommend you in a heartbeat to anybody else that [has] similar needs. So Neal, I wish from the bottom of my heart and my wife’s, I thank you for your consultation, for your support. It appears to me you are great at what you do.”